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Taxation on Rent

27 Jan , 2015  

Taxation on Rents

Up until 31st December 2013, rental income could be taxed as trading income (typically rental income derived by a person who habitually rents out immovable property) or non-trading rental income. Whilst rental income derived from a trading activity attracts most allowable deductions available to trading activities, non-trading rental income would qualify for the following deductions: […]

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The Residence Programme Rules 2014

22 Jan , 2015  

The Residence Programme Rules

The High Net Worth Individuals Rules have now been amended to reflect the thresholds of the Global Residence Programme and are now entitled the Residence Programme Rules (RPR). Applicants taking up residence in Malta may benefit from a special and favourable Malta Tax status and treatment and Tax Incentives. In late June 2014 (earlier this […]